ArkSwan Legal

A Better Global Law Firm

Cross-Border Focus

ArkSwan supports its overseas clients with international M&A, joint ventures, immigration, employment, and sector-specific regulations. ArkSwan’s American clients rely on ArkSwan to help them operate globally or outsource with cost-efficiency and peace of mind.

Reducing Complexity

Cross-border deals often fail due to regulatory hurdles, tax and financing issues, and unsuitability of local counsel. They yield complexities disproportionate to the nature and size of a deal. ArkSwan’s team has mastery of regulatory and compliance matters across multiple jurisdictions–maximizes value of local counsel to make crossing borders streamlined.

Bridging Cultures

ArkSwan’s team specializes in mitigating the friction that is typical between executive teams of disparate backgrounds. Language and cultural barriers exist in every cross-border transaction. ArkSwan’s practitioners draft and negotiate with attention to nuance so as to achieve legal and business objectives without being ensnared in translational mire.

Going Global

The U.S. market remains attractive for foreign direct investment, having received $163 billion in inflows during 2020 despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite a cautious economic outlook globally amidst ongoing public health uncertainties, overseas markets present opportunities in 2021 and beyond. ArkSwan enables smaller companies—those otherwise priced out—to internationalize incrementally.

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