A New Kind of Global Law Firm

International Business Transactions

We advise on and perform a comprehensive range of cross-border transactions:

  • Joint Ventures
  • Foreign Direct Investments
  • Asset Acquisition
  • IP Licensing & Protection
  • Creation of Branches and Subsidiaries
  • Regulatory compliance (incl. CIFIUS)
  • International taxation
  • Import / Export

Corporate & Immigration Integration

We integrate our clients’ business immigration and corporate law needs.  When foreign entrepreneurs desire entity formation and immigration, our approach is holistic: we streamline each objective in service of the other.  The paths to immigration are complex, and so the strategies to corporate governance and capital markets must be contemplated therewith. Our approach ensures the optimal outcome of all objectives.

Packages for Start-ups

Flat-Fee packages are available for U.S.-based startups with standard transactional needs:

  • Incorporation / LLC Formation
  • Bylaws / Operating Agreements; Written Consents
  • Foreign Registration / Qualification
  • Employee Stock Plans
  • Equity / Option Grants
  • Trademark Prosecution
  • Website Terms of Service & Privacy Policy
  • Seed-Round Financing Documents

Your one-stop legal shop.

You have expanded to three continents; you hold positions in several industries; and you need development of your IP portfolio and general corporate advice.  You wonder whether the industry-specific boutique has the right resources and whether the big firm has the right economics.

ArkSwan eliminates that uncertainty.  We assemble the best attorneys in the world.  We build your legal dream team that operates at peak efficiency.  We can stand in the role of your in-house counsel.


We adapt to every client.

The existence of cultural and linguistic challenges in cross-border transactions is unavoidable; their existence in the rendering of legal service is not.  Every principal attorney in our firm is multi-lingual and every attorney assigned to a client will provide service in the client’s native language.

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